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Looking for Fastest Weed Delivery in Scarborough? 247 Weed delivery Scarborough provides same-day weed delivery within 45 minutes to your doorstep in Toronto, East York, North York, and Scarborough.

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About Us

Welcome to 247 Weed delivery in Scarborough. We offer quick, fast & efficient same-day delivery service to 4 areas: TorontoEast YorkNorth York, and Scarborough. We are the top weed delivery service providers in Scarborough.  Till now we have successfully served 3000+ customers. For this reason, if you’re looking for your favorite weed product near Scarborough, then this is the right place where you can get your Finest Weed from British Columbia Growers.

Top Weed Delivery Service in Scarborough

Want to get your favorite kush delivered to your home? We are here to serve you. To know the process to order our products click on the button on the right side. Order our products worth over $60 to get free delivery.

247 Weed delivery Scarborough is the Quickest delivery service provider in Scarborough. We are one of the top weed delivery service providers in Scarborough. Besides, we are offering various membership and plans. These might make you interested in buying our products and have a test. Keep connected with us to get the update on our seasonal offers. In addition, we have been providing weed strain service to the customers for a long time. So, get the best deals on weed products and receive your favorite kush from us today.

We provide free weed delivery service to the customers who buy products worthy of more than $60 from us. The delivery time we take is usually less than 30 minutes. But it may often vary upon the distance. Four categories of highly effective and popular strains are available here. All the products that we sell are popular with customers who are weed lovers. To those people who take weed regularly to relax from their daily life activities like our strains. The effects of the weed products make them high very quickly and make their brains relaxed for some time.

Strain Categories

Check the strains category below to find your desired one. There are different kinds and different grades regarding your tolerance. Choose Wisely.

Regular Strains

$ 35 / 5G

  • Beginner Users
  • Grade AA+ Flowers
  • THC Contains 18-20%
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Premium Strains

$ 40 / 5G

  • Intermediate Users
  • Grade AAA+ Flowers
  • THC Contains 21-25%
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Supreme Strains

$ 50 / 5G

  • Pre-Advanced Users
  • Grade AAAA+ Flowers
  • THC Contains 26-30%
  • Quad Grade Flowers
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Extreme Strains

$ 80 / 7G

  • Advanced Users
  • Grade AAAAA+ Flowers
  • THC Contains 30-35%
  • TOP-SHELF Flowers
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Why Choose Us

Choose our categories of product wisely and order more than $60 for getting free delivery service

Same Day Cannabis Delivery

Are you looking for same-day weed delivery near you? Usually we take 30 to 45 minutes for the delivery. We are dedicated to provide the best service to our customers. Customers' satisfaction is our success.

3,000+ Happy Customers

For the last two years, we have been providing a high quality service to weed lover customers in Toronto, East York, North York, and Scarborough. Order your favorite weed product today!

Top Notch Delivery Service

247 Weed delivery Scarborough provides same-day weed delivery within 45 minutes! Buy your favorite weed product at an affordable cost from us.

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Get our free delivery service by ordering weed products over $60 from us. Please visit the Today's Menu page to view all the categories of products and packages.

Customer Reviews

View the testimonials and reviews from our previous customers who received the best weed delivery service from us

247 Weed Delivery Scarborough provides very fast weed delivery under 45 minutes that impressed me a lot.

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I am satisfied at the service of 247 Weed Delivery Scarborough as they deliver products so quickly.

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I have been buying products from 247 Weed Delivery Scarborough for last 1 year, their service is very appreciable.

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Because we guarantees the quality of products, the regular customers express their gratitude with satisfaction to our delivery service. Importantly, our products are effective to have a relax from the daily monotonous life. Are you looking for something to give you a break from a stressful life? Then don’t be late to buy our weed products.